About Us

Bluescape Energy Partners is the third investment vehicle for the Bluescape Resources Company Team. Bluescape Resources Company was originally established in 2007 as a privately-held independent operator of oil and gas assets.

Our target equity investment size is generally $25 million to $150 million, and we can arrange larger financings through our extensive network of co-investors. We have flexibility to invest across the capital structure, with a preference for control-oriented structures and influence over critical capital structure, corporate governance, and key strategic and operational decisions. Our significant executive-level experience makes us an attractive partner for overseeing the implementation of business plans, and our Investment Team employs a “hands-on” approach to portfolio management.

Additional information on our affiliated entities can be found below and on their respective websites.

Bluescape Resources® is a private, independent energy investment and operating company, formed in 2007. More information on Bluescape Resources can be found here.

Parallel Resource Partners is an institutional private equity fund focused on oil and gas. Parallel is a joint venture of Bluescape Resources and Carlson Capital (an alternative asset management firm). More information on Parallel Resource Partners can be found here.